Joseph Scroggins

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

John quincy adams

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I believe in empowering others to do something that they love and feel good about. We all should have the opportunity to explore, grow and become something better today then we were yesterday, all in an environment that is motivating, engaging and inspirational.



Dedicated to supporting others on their journey to realizing their full-potential.

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As a beauty expert and connoisseur who is dedicated to the growth and future of the beauty industry, it is my personal mission to work directly with current and future leaders, supporting them along their journey to finding and realizing their full potential. Through my expertise as a licensed cosmetologist, leadership development skills and strategical development plans, I encourage and foster the mindset that there are no limits to success. With collaboration, education, passion and drive, all things are possible.



When individuals are learning something for the first time, often they are met with fear, anxiety, and frustration. This can lead people to avoid certain subjects, activities, and/or tasks that ultimately could result in hindering their growth professionally or personally. Over the past 5 years as a Regional Coach and Educator for AVEDA Institutes, I have made it my personal mission as a leader and mentor to guide our students and educators through these processes in a way in which ensures their success. When individuals feel empowered they are more likely to revisit information, stay engaged and continue to grow. I ensure their success through the use of many tools, applying practices that I have studied throughout my time working in adult learning,  creating and supplying support materials and ultimately working along side them as a coach leading them to victory.

I have found my previous experience in leadership with high-end retailers such as Nordstrom to be very beneficial. It allows me to tie in newly-learned behaviors and skills to the real-world environment (e.g., the importance of superior customer service, customer education and professional recommendations). It also allows me to speak directly to why they are relevant and crucial for success within a career. As I continue to grow, I have come to identify my success by the lives I touch, the individuals I empower, and  the careers that flourish around me. I have found my passion for life in education.